How Do You Pay a No-win No-fee Lawyer?

Depending on the situation you are facing and the damages or injuries you have suffered, you might be eligible for a compensation claim. In most circumstances, this means that you will be hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your case and help you during the proceedings and settle your claim so that receive compensation.

One of the main things you might worry about here is the fee these attorneys charge for their services and how you will be able to pay them. If you have never heard it before, most injury, disability and worker’s compensation lawyers have a ‘no-win, no-fee’ system. To help you understand a bit more about how this systems works, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is No-Win, No-Fee?

This contingent-based fee system basically translates to mean that you only pay the lawyer once they have won or settled the case successfully in your favour. This process works the same way in Australia as it does in other countries and is similar to a deferment. When attorneys like Law Advice no-win no-fee lawyers offer this type of representation, they don’t charge their client until the settlement check is received.

  1. How do you pay the fee?

This is a question that confuses many people, leading them to misinterpret what the system is. In a contingent payment system, the lawyer does not charge a fee of any sort until the settlement check comes in. The amount of the check is what determines the lawyer’s fee.

There is a certain percentage amount agreed between the lawyer and the client. This percentage amount is what determined the final amount of payment the lawyer is eligible to receive as retainer fees. The rest of the money on the check is for the client to spend.

  1. What services do you pay for?

Generally, most lawyers will have a discussion with their client at the beginning of the case where they discuss what services their case needs and what percentage they will charge. In some instances where there the lawyer sees no prospects of a successful settlement, they don’t pursue the case. But if they do, they quote the charges including other potential disbursement costs.

The total fee usually includes the legal advice fee along with any other expenses like medical reports during the case. All costs are reimbursed once the settlement is finalized and the client receives their compensation.

  1. What happens if we lose the case?

If there is an unlikely case of you not winning the settlement, most injury lawyers will not charge you for their services. These might include the money they spent on reports and other disbursements during the trial.

This is some of the most basic information that can educate you on what no-win no-fee system is and how it works in Australia. Remember this information is for general understanding. Always talk to your lawyer in detail about how they charge their clients as it can vary from firm to firm.