Sexual harassment is a huge problem in the workplace and most victims are usually female, although it does happened to male employees too. So, what do you do if you’ve been harassed at work? At first most workers report the incident to senior staff members, but they are often brushed aside. If you want real justice, you should consider hiring a sexual assault lawyer in your community.

What is Sexual Harassment?

This might sound like an obvious question to ask, but many people find it hard to define sexual assault or harassment. If you feel like a hug went on a little too long or your overly friendly boss seems to touch you a little too much during work, you may have grounds for a case. There are also the more extreme situations where it is clear to see you’ve suffered from sexual harassment or assault.

If an action made you feel uncomfortable, you should trust your cut instinct. You are smart enough to know the difference between playful joking and sexual harassment, if it simply doesn’t feel right, you should report the problem.


  • Harassment

If you feel you’ve been harassed at work, you should take steps to document the problem, this can be used as evidence if your case goes to court. A lot of the time workers tend to leave the situation in fear of losing their job or being laughed at by co-workers, but if you feel you are a victim of harassment, you should report the issue to senior members of staff.

While reporting the problems, you should continue to document each occurrence, that way if you need to take the matter further, you have physical proof and evidence of harassment. Some people think they are just being paranoid, but if you sit down and read through all the gross things a colleague has done, you’ll see you are right to report them for sexual harassment.

You should explain to your harasser that their actions are making you uncomfortable and you’ve reported this problem to a senior staff member. If they continue with their behaviour, you’ll take the matter further and hire a lawyer.

  • Sexual Assault

Some employees have experienced sexual assault in the workplace and they are too ashamed or scared to report this incident to anyone. It may have been a senior director or high-ranking staff member who carried out the assault and the employee feels like nobody will listen to them because of the person they are accusing. If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault in the workplace, you must consult with sexual assault lawyers and bring the perpetrator to justice. It is vital to act against any form of sexual assault.

Sexual harassment and assault are sensitive subjects that require assistance from a compassionate lawyer. A law firm should have experience dealing with sexual harassment and assault cases, this helps them understand the numerous complexities involved. If you have been a victim of workplace sexual assault or harassment and you need legal advice, you should consult with a specialist today.

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