What You Must Consider When Hiring A Good Scottsdale DUI Lawyer

Although it is not possible to know the best DUI attorney for any individual case and there are many top-ranking individual attorneys or firms in Scottsdale, there are some things a person must consider before he hires a Scottsdale DUI attorney.

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Do not Concentrate on TV or Radio Ads

While a lot of great attorneys advertise their services, the presence of an advertisement on television means nothing about the ability or work ethic of an attorney. Rather than snappy ads, concentrate on things such as the organization a Scottsdale DUI lawyer belongs to, the specialized training and certifications he has obtained, referrals from other legal community members and ratings from independent agencies.

Interview at Least Three Lawyers

Although there are situations where you would wish to hire the first attorney you talk to, often, it’s great to talk to more than one attorney. This lets you have various perspectives from different people and establish a sense of comfort in the relationship with the lawyer. This is essential as you need to trust the person who will be standing up for you in court.

Don’t Make a Choice Based only on Cost

Although top DUI lawyers must be able to transparently and accurately quote you the total cost of his service to defend your case at the end of your interview, do not decide based upon cost alone. When a lawyer claims he is the cheapest, there is often a reason for this. It is likely that he does little investigation and cannot come up with the best defense to the charge you are facing.


As the Right Questions

Although the majority of lawyers can tell you about their experience, you have to pick the one who can answer your questions. The ability of the lawyer to answer questions will determine his ability to defend you against serious DUI charges in Scottsdale.

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