What to Consider When Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Being arrested for DUI is a confusing and scary experience. Most people facing DUI charges make the mistake of taking their case too lightly. The consequences of a DUI conviction can heavily impact your driving privileges and worsen the legal repercussions of future offenses.

The outcome of your case can be partly attributed to the expertise and experience of the DUI lawyer representing you in court. Remember, this is the person speaking for you. Their understanding of the court proceedings should be first-rate and, more importantly, their commitment to help you out should be evident. The following guidelines will help you find a great DUI attorney in Las Vegas, NV to represent you and help achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


It is not just about if your lawyer of choice has ever represented someone facing similar charges in court. It is also about how many of such cases he/she has handled.

Experience is priceless when it comes to law. An attorney with significant experience in DUI is better armed with defense tactics than a novice in the field. Consider doing comprehensive background research on all your options to identify the prospective lawyer with the most court experience. It is recommendable that your DUI attorney has at least five years of experience.


It is important to ensure that the attorney you choose to represent you in court is specialized in DUI. DUI cases are known to be complicated, and your lawyer should be well acquainted with the procedure and the prosecutors’ probable approach. What’s more, you can trust a specialized lawyer to conduct a more in-depth investigation and be able to identify the most implicit of vulnerabilities in the case against you.

Schedule meetings with prospective lawyers and request to know if they have handled cases similar to yours in Las Vegas. If necessary, ask for proof.


Hiring an attorney based strictly on the cost of their services is a misguided decision. However, no one should go bankrupt trying to win a court case.

Ask all your prospective lawyers about their fees and payment plans and use your findings to filter your options down further.


Any professional willing to give references is confident about the quality of their services. The best lawyers out there will not hesitate to provide you with their references and testimonials. If they are willing to do it before you ask them, the better. References will help you get a better understanding of who you are working with and where to put your expectations.

Consultation process

Most attorneys offer consultation to help you decide whether you will work with them or not. Defendants make the mistake of going with the very first lawyer they speak with even if they don’t feel like they are a good fit. The fact that time is ticking and you want to hire a lawyer as early as possible should prompt you to schedule appointments only with law firms with favorable consultation processes.