Reasons Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer 

According to statistics, nearly fifty percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. In 1969, the state of California legalized the no-fault divorce process. In 2010, New York State was the last of the fifty states to approve this divorce process. When filing for a no-fault divorce, one doesn’t need to adduce any evidence of any wrongdoing on either spouse. 

Divorce is a difficult emotional decision. It also calls on divorce attorneys to handle delicate issues relating to family law like marriage annulment, child custody, legal separation, and visitation rights. You can contact for quality legal representation and advice on family matters. 

Here are the primary reasons why you need to engage a divorce attorney. 

  • Expert Advice 

A competent family law attorney will help you get what you deserve in the divorce process. In most cases, state laws do not necessarily support an equal split of assets when annulling a marriage. At times, the spouse may be entitled to income that their spouse earns in the future. An example of this is the retirement income. 

If you and your spouse can’t agree on some issues like substantial income, support issues, custody rights, debts, or future assets, then engage an attorney to protect your rights. 

  • Reduces Stress 

Divorce is already giving you enough stress. The best way to reduce this stress is by engaging a competent attorney. Yes, the attorney will gather information about the divorce from you, but he or she will take care of everything else allowing you time to heal and focus on yourself. 

Remember, you have a lot on your plate to worry about when divorcing. Therefore, let an attorney take care of your legal needs. 

  • Avoid Making a Mistake 

When filing your divorce case in court by yourself, mistakes are bound to occur. The reasons for this being that the legal system in the country is complex and that the stress associated with divorce makes it hard for you to be objective. 

And yes, making a simple mistake can be very expensive. For instance, let’s assume that you forget to address an issue like credit card debt, or overstate or understate the value of an asset. Such a mistake will result in financial harm and shall require legal proceedings in the future to correct it. By hiring an attorney, you can be assured that your case is being handled right the first time, and this avoids costly future mistakes. 

  • Dealing with a Violent Spouse 

Are you fearing that your spouse may harm you or your children? Get help! At times, you may need to move to a safer place without disclosing the details to your spouse. The divorce attorney may also ask for a restraining order against your spouse thus preventing the abusive parent from contacting or coming near you. And before you remove your kids from home, you’ll need to obtain a temporary custody order to avoid being accused of kidnapping later in the exercise. 

  • Avoid Delays in Court Cases 

Any person can use the court-provided documents to file a divorce case by themselves. However, there is a likelihood that one may experience problems with completing the proper forms and giving adequate information or documentation. Failure to complete the forms or giving inadequate information may delay the court process. The result, a delay in marriage annulment. When you hire an attorney, you save yourself from the hassles of dealing with paperwork. 


If you’ve read through this, then you understand why you need a divorce attorney. With so much at stake, especially where children are involved, a lawyer will provide clear answers to your questions regarding child support, property division, and others.