Make a Strong Legal Drink Driving Case

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime that will open you up to legal prosecution and a trip to court. When you are there you may find that you need to pay fines, that your licence will be taken away and that you could even go to jail. A conviction will also give you a criminal record that can follow you around and make your life much worse. To avoid some of these serious consequences of your mistake, you need a great drink driving lawyer who knows how to maximise your chance of not being convicted.

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The Consequences of Drink Driving

Drink driving is not something that is taken lightly in Australia. Driving while you have consumed large amounts of alcohol can severely impair your judgement, making you more likely to cause an accident that may injure or kill yourself or others. Because of this, it is illegal to drive when your blood alcohol content is elevated if you are an adult, or if you have any alcohol detectable on you if you are a young adult. If you are caught by police or any other official while drink driving, they will measure your blood alcohol content—and the punishment you are eligible for will be determined by that value.

Consequences of Drink Driving

If your blood alcohol content is just above the legal limit, your punishment will be less severe and may include fines and a mandatory removal of your driver’s licence for three months with the possibility of it being taken away for six months. If your content is very high, however, the fines will be much steeper, your licence will be taken away for longer and you could even go to jail for several months. With these serious consequences on the table, it is essential that you hire a legal defender to help protect you from punishment by hiring drink driving lawyers in Sydney today.

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A Great Legal Defence

While driving after drinking is a serious crime that will take you to court, there are things that can be done in court to reduce how much punishment you will receive. A skilled drink driving lawyer will be familiar with all the right techniques to use to help prevent you from receiving a recorded conviction. They will try to get the court to consider what is known as a Section 10 exemption, in which they convince the court that you are not an ongoing threat and therefore you should essentially be let go with only a warning. While this is not guaranteed to work every time, having the right lawyer is your best chance at this outcome.

A Great Legal Defence

Hire an expert local lawyer today if you have an upcoming drink driving court date. They can review your case and look it over for any insights into the best way to try to get you a Section 10 exemption, so that you can resume your normal life more quickly and quietly than if you were to be convicted of the crime.