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Learn How To Settle Your Slip, fall and Trip Claim

The most common type of accidents that are occurred due to negligence is slip, trip and fall accidents. The injuries caused by these accidents can be mild or severe. When you or anyone you know gets injured in one of such accidents, you can hire a lawyer to settle your case and get you the fair amount of compensation that you deserve.

There are many people who do not know that most of the worker’s compensation claims come from slip and fall accidents. There are several factors and points that you will have to prove against the defender to claim your compensation. Hiring a reputed and qualified lawyer will help you in your case.

Proving the Link between Your Damage and Accident

Sometimes it may be tough to link your injuries directly to the accident. Your medical records must show that the extent and nature of injuries relate to the accident. The healthcare providers and lawyers will help you in this case. They will try to establish a link or connection that will help you prove your injury.

You may also need statements from your doctor who has been treating you. They will provide you the official letter regarding how severe your injuries were and how did they happen to you. Getting this statement and presenting them in in your lawsuit is your lawyer’s job. For hiring trustable accident lawyers, learn more here.

Proving the Negligence of Defender

One of the most important parts of settling your slip and fall accident claim is to proving that it was the negligence of the property owner due to which the accident was caused. There are several ways by which you can prove so:

  • Footage of Security Camera: There are many cases where the lawyer obtains the footage of security camera where the accident occurred to prove that there were potential risks in the building that cause the accident. Usually, the footage will be of time before the accident to show that the place was not safe and the owner did nothing about it.
  • Sworn Testimony: Another way to prove the owner’s negligence is to record statements by the employees or other people who are often around that place. This can prove that there were many people who knew about the dangers that were in the building and the owner did nothing to remove them.
  • Accident Report: Whenever a slip and fall accident occurs, an accident report is filled where every single detail is mentioned. This will help the layer to gather all the facts and prove the gross negligence of the defender.

Document Everything

Slip and fall cases may get complicated at times. To avoid any confusion or mistake document every single thing including your filled report, medical bills, medical reports, lost wages and every other expense. Be honest about everything and do not think of getting more money than you deserve.

Rather than keeping quiet, hire a good accident lawyer like Belluck & Fox, LLP and fight for your rights. They will help you get the fair compensation which will help in your recovery.