Is it common for slip and fall cases in Pennsylvania to take a long time?

A variety of factors influence the length of slip-and-fall cases in Pennsylvania. Among these, the following are the most crucial:

  • Your injuries’ degree of severity and anticipated length
  • the standard of proof used to establish the responsible party’s guilt
  • A party’s capacity to enter into negotiations for a fair solution

In Pennsylvania,  personal injury attorneys in Scranton, PA, for slip and fall accidents can help you prepare for what to anticipate at each stage of the procedure and take care of the technicalities so you can concentrate on getting better.

Estimating the severity of injuries from slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall accident that caused seriously, long-lasting injuries may require more time to address than one that just resulted in minor injuries. Because the liable party will be forced to pursue your claim more vehemently and bear the burden of more extensive damages, it frequently takes longer.

Additionally, it can take longer for you to attain your peak level of medical progress or receive a prognosis.

Following are a few instances of typical slip-and-fall injuries and their effects:

  • Fractures: After a slip-and-fall incident, victims may sustain broken bones from the force of landing on a hard surface or from bracing themselves to avoid falling in the first place.
  • Strains/Sprains: Victims may sustain soft tissue injuries such as sprains or strains to their muscles, ligaments, or other soft tissues, necessitating extensive rehabilitation therapy to restore full mobility.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Victims may experience a concussion, which may cause anything from slight headaches to a substantial decline in cognitive abilities.
  • Injury of the spinal cord in victims may cause partial or total paralysis and major, potentially permanent changes in lifestyle.

You might be eligible to seek compensation from the party at fault if you or a loved one experienced any of the above injuries due to your slip and fall accident.

In Your Slip and Fall Accident Case, Premises Liability

Hurt parties often make slip and fall accident lawsuits against the owner, steward, or manager of the property where the event happened. These claims are based on premises liability laws, which state that a property owner is obligated to keep their property reasonably safe for everyone legally on it.

To prove premises responsibility, we must specifically demonstrate that the property owner was responsible for creating the danger that resulted in the accident.