Filing Lawsuits Against Lyft Or Uber

Being involved and injured in a car accident with a ridesharing company vehicle, like Uber or Lyft, is often very easy to deal with. This is because there are several avenues you have available when it comes to getting compensated for the injury you suffered. Usually, you only need to file a simple claim and insurance companies will cover damages and injuries. However, in other cases, you would need to file a lawsuit directly against Lyft or Uber.

Filing The Lawsuit

Hiring Uber Lyft lawyers will help you to go through all the legalities of the process without any problems. However, you might want to be aware of some important things that might influence your claims.

Ridesharing drivers are not actually employees of Lyft or Uber. They are almost always independent contractors. The distinction is very important since employees actually have many more rights when compared to the independent contractors. A clear example of this is the right to receive unemployment benefits. The ridesharing company will end up legally responsible for employee negligence. This is not the case when looking at independent contractors.

When it was the rideshare driver who was responsible for the car accident, it is possible to argue the fact that Uber or Lyft does have some sort of blame for what happened. However, this is a very difficult strategy to be successful with.

The fact is, Lyft and Uber did work hard to be sure drivers are independent contractors. They are not employees. However, it is not clear if the companies are capable of shielding themselves behind the argument. This is especially the case when looking at the legislative efforts now in place to classify the drivers as proper employees.

It is really important that you are aware of all your legal options. Hiring ridesharing lawyers in your corner will help you to know exactly what is legal and what is not. Fortunately for you though, in most cases, if you are seriously injured, you can file a lawsuit against Lyft or Uber. This is because these companies have their own insurance coverage. It will usually cover damages and injuries of up to $1 million.

Basically, this means that if you are injured while being a passenger of the ridesharing vehicle or you were involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft that was at fault, you can get compensation.

Final Thoughts

While we did not talk about the actual technicalities of filing a lawsuit against Lyft or Uber, this was simply because there are several options available and you will need to choose the best one for you, based on accident circumstances.

The best thing you can do is look for a car accident attorney that is experienced with ridesharing accidents. This will guarantee that all the legal options you have are being considered and that you end up filing a lawsuit that has a very high possibility of success.

Keep in mind that laws keep changing and you never know when new legal venues become available. Just as states try to make drivers employees, not just independent contractors, you might have access to something new you will surely want to be aware of. Your lawyer will let you know what to do.