Filing for Divorce in California

If you want to file a divorce in California, here are few steps that you must know. The steps for divorce may include a process of claiming community property, property division, child custody, alimony, and support.

The two terms used in California for divorce are “Dissolution of marriage” and the alimony is known as “spousal support”. Here are few detail related with divorce in California:

  1. Protect your children, your property and yourself: In case you are skeptical that your spouse may take away your children, take money from your bank without your knowledge or becomes violent, you need to know there are many ways to self-guard yourself which is very important to do before filing divorce. You can take the help of court also which will help you in securing your rights.
  2. You must meet the residency requirements of the state: In order to file a divorce in California, you must be a resident of the state. Staying for six months is the least requirement in the state or three months in the country you are going to file your divorce in.
  3. Collect information: In the process of divorce in California you are required to show the assets both of you possess, your total income and what both of you are owing towards the creditors. You also have to file your bank details, an investment statement, credit card statement, loan or mortgage documents, tax-returns, W-2 form, vehicle deeds, and all those papers that are related to both of you. You must also possess spouse’s driver license number and Social security number.
  4. Decide if you require child support or temporary alimony: While in the process of divorce, you have to show how you will support yourself and your children. Court can help you in getting your temporary spouse’s support for your children and yourself. You will need to fill extra forms for that.
  5. Determine the procedure you want to use: There is specific procedure for dissolution of marriage and summary dissolution of marriage in California. Here are few points that make you qualify for the summary procedure.
  • Both of you should agree for divorce
  • The divorce should be filed within five years of marriage
  • You should not have children
  • You should have any loan exceeding $6.000
  • Your community property should value less than $41,000. Both of you should not own a property valued more than $41,000 each, encumbrances and autos are excluded.

Some more points are there which you can come to know from your lawyer who can explain it well or you can read online regarding the procedure.

  1. Make ready all the important forms: The official divorce forms pf California State can be collected from a publication of the local library, from the clerk in the court, or from various websites. You have to submit “a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” form along with ‘financial disclosure forms”. If you want to go through summary procedure, the set of forms will be different. If you have children, then you have to file another forms asking for child support or child custody.

These are few of the steps that you must know while filing a divorce in California. To know more you can follow the link: