A Parks Braxton West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

A Parks Braxton West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer is someone who can help you if you have been arrested in the Miami or surrounding area for a drunk driving charge. The lawyers from this well-known firm have an amazing forty-year combination of legal expertise. They will use this expertise to help you fight a DUI charge. Choosing this firm as your legal representation may be one of the more important decisions of your life.  Best defense for dui lawyers west palm beach.

There is no doubt that if you have been arrested for a DUI charge you will feel overwhelmed with the thought of a future court date. This feeling of being overwhelmed will be alleviated when choosing an attorney who is dedicated with providing their clients excellent representation. They completely understand everything about the DUI case process. There are many aspects to a DUI charge and you may be uncertain about what type of legal proceedings are ahead.

Once you have been arrested for a DUI charge you will be taken into custody and then processed or booked at a police department. There are times when a suspect is provided with an opportunity to make bail. Making bail means that you offer a specific amount of money in exchange for your being released. Posting bail will occur after you have been processed. You will be released once you have promised to make a future court date.

The next legal proceeding could be the arraignment which will occur soon after your arrest. An arraignment will occur in most cases when a suspect pleads guilty, the incident involves an injury, the suspect has a very high BAC, or any other aggravated circumstance. When you are going through an arraignment the presiding judge will read out your charges, ask you if you require the services of a lawyer, ask you if you are going to plead not guilty or guilty, and also provide you with a date to reappear in court.

A preliminary DUI hearing is similar to having a mini trial just before the main trial. A preliminary may prevent an unnecessary case from going all the way to trial. It will be a time when the judge makes a decision whether the prosecutor has enough evidence or not. If there is not enough evidence to support the charge then your case can be immediately dismissed.

A Parks Braxton West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer will assist you every step of the way when facing the complicated legal proceedings of a DUI charge. This will provide you with a piece of mind because you will know that a qualified and experienced lawyer is fighting for your rights.