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Mistakes to Avoid when Making Injury at Work Claims

There are certain hazards associated with any kind of work. Even the most secured places can cause accidents to the employees. But, one can easily recover from the loss by filing for injury at work claims. But, in spite of having a valid claim, these are often rejected because the claimants were not very careful when filing the claim.

Injury at Work Claims

Here are the top mistakes that a person needs to avoid if they do not want their injury at work claim to be rejected –

Not Reporting the Accident Immediately

  • An injured employee should report any accident involving injury within 30 days to their supervisor.
  • If you wait for reporting the incident and even have a valid claim for personal injury claim, your integrity might be in question.

Not Disclosing any Previous Injuries

  • Any failure to report previous injuries, no matter how minor can cause you to lose your compensation completely as it can be considered a fraud.
  • Even when filing a medical history form at the doctor’s visit, you should disclose all conditions even if it has nothing to do with your previous injury.
  • The employer might use it against you and say that the injury was pre-existent and not a current work injury.

Not Returning to Work When Fit

  • Once you are well enough, you should immediately report to work if you do not want to lose your benefits.
  • The employer will be able to terminate you for refusal to work.

Being without Representation

  • Chances are that your employer will hire a solicitor to handle their case against you.
  • You should too hire an injury at work claims solicitor to help you get the compensation you deserve from your employer.

By avoiding the above mistakes, one can make sure that they increase the effectiveness of the entire claim and also increase the chances of getting a favourable judgement. Since filing for a claim can be a complicated process, it is best to hire an experienced solicitor to help you through the entire process. You need to interview a few solicitors before picking the one you think is the most competent.