Criminal Law


There are a lot of law experts believe that the best criminal lawyers possess these skills that win a case undoubtedly. These are the ability to investigate, negotiate, defend technically in a legal way, and most of all the ability to win during the trial.

The title of the criminal lawyer must go beyond just what the prefix of the name of the lawyer, and most often times, falsely accused persons ended up being incarcerated for the crime that they did not commit in the first place.

There is a prevalence of false allegations which leads to a conviction in the United States. This injustice has been prevalent for a long time because of incompetent criminal defense attorneys and corrupt justice system that favors the powerful and influential people. In fact, there is an approximate five percent of the rape allegations in the United States that were deemed false or baseless at all.

And what makes it alarming is that it was five times higher than for the most other types of offenses that were committed which makes it a fact that not all allegations of crime are true at all. Not to mention the public outrage it creates against the accused which affects their life negatively.

There are a lot of law firms that offer criminal lawyers as part of its service, but the question is, are you really getting the best one? In this article, let us talk what makes a good criminal lawyer so that if you are facing criminal charges that you did not do in the first place, you will certainly have the knowledge to find the best and the finest criminal lawyer out there by following these steps.


Over-investigating the case is a very important thing that a criminal defense lawyer or attorney should do in handling a case. This is where they can come up with a concrete defense against the accusers and to the court. It is one of the best difference in lawyers on how they independently investigate a case.


According to a veteran New York criminal lawyer, a reliable criminal or defense attorney has a strong negotiating skills that can often resolve a crime that does not require harsh punishment. You should look for a criminal lawyer who considers negotiating as a very important aspect in earning a victory in the court. A good and effective criminal lawyer negotiates in two ways, they determine first what is the most suitable punishment for their clients in case that the accusers pose a very favorable outcome in the case, because this will result to a lighter punishment for the accused, and second, they offer the best deals to reach out an agreement between both parties.


This is where the lawyer will open the book to see what are the best options available to increase the chances of their clients to win the case. They read the law, and find viable solutions that they can count to the opposite party. They often challenge the investigation conducted by the police, they also challenge the initial approach of their client and challenge the quality of the police interaction, and the procedure done by the police which starts at the motion stage.