Commercial Law

Barr & Young, the Best Litigators You Can Get

Nowadays we are in a world where everyone can be sued for problems which range from small infarctions to huge class action lawsuits. So you always need to be sure that you are on the correct side of the law. Also, you may be the victim of someone’s wrongdoing; you may be the centre of a fraudulent lawsuit. In all these scenarios, you need well trained and experienced lawyers fighting your case for you, because getting convicted for a false lawsuit will mark your resume forever and will drown your whole career. If you are part of an organization then the last thing you need is someone winning a lawsuit and opening the floodgates for others to follow. We at Barr & Young provide legal assistance in a number of fields; some of them are discussed below.

Trust litigation and administration

Sometimes disputes occur between beneficiaries and heirs when trusts are concerned. Most of these disputes are based on falsely made claims and wrong paperwork. Clearing these disputes tactfully and without wasting too much time is something everyone looks forward to. That is exactly what our trust litigation team does. They figure out the best way to handle a situation and deal with it promptly. Administrating a trust is another job we do very well. When the trustee dies, we transfer all his assets over to the beneficiaries after consulting the will of the decedent. We make sure that all the terms in the will are met and do the whole process in as short of a time as possible.

Abuse of elders

It is becoming a common phenomenon day by day, once a person reaches a certain age, they are being shoved into a facility and their wealth is being plundered by their family. This is something which violates a number of laws. If you are someone who has been wrongfully removed from your property and didn’t even get a say in the decision, then you can file a lawsuit against the wrong-doer and get your home back along with other assets which they might have taken control over. This whole process is confusing and might seem daunting at first but with the assistance of our experienced legal counsel, you can return back to house.

Conservators and their job

If you are concerned about the fact that you are growing older day by day and soon enough a day will come when someone will take advantage of your old age and cheat you out of your assets, do not worry; we will provide excellent conservators. They will protect your property, your trusts and other assets from anyone who isn’t entitled to them. You can set up a plan with different timelines and the conservator will follow that plan even after you have passed away.

Will contests

Sometimes the wills of certain individuals are challenged for their validity, in such cases you need someone to defend the integrity of that will, and we provide great lawyers who have experience in this field. Similarly, you may be the one questioning the validity of a will, we have teams of lawyers who communicate with our trust litigation team and figure out the best approach to your case, to get a favourable verdict.a