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How does 50/50 custody work in Wisconsin

When a marriage hit the rocks, there are a number of choices available when it comes to child(ren) custody. 50/50 child custody schedule is one of the options. This arrangement involves both parents sharing equal parenting time with the children. It is a favorable arrangement to the both parents as they are allowed equitable time to bond with their children and it makes the transition much easier.

Deciding if 50/50 custody will work for you.

50/50 schedule does not work for everyone. It works best when:

  • The both parents live close to each other which makes switching easier
  • The parent can communicate amicably with each other about the children welfare.
  • The children can handle the frequent switching between parent’s homes.
  • Both parents are dedicated to putting the interest of their children first.
  • Both parents agree that 50/50 custody is the best schedule.

 50/50 custody is not a good option if:

  • The child is unable to handle the frequent home switching
  • Both parents cannot discuss anything without fighting
  • Both parents live in different towns
  • Both parents disagree on the right parenting styles

 Types of 50/50 custody in Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers different types of 50/50 custody schedules. The main ones include:

  • Alternating weeks

In this schedule, the children live with parent A for one week then switch to parent B next week. Most families make the transition on Friday but parents can choose the most convenient day for them.

  • Midweek visit

Some families may opt for a mid-week visit in the alternating week schedule so that the children do not go for a full week without meeting with the other parent. The mid-week visit can take place on any day that works best for the family.

  • Midweek overnight

This schedule is almost similar to alternating weeks but with a midweek overnight at the residence of the other parent. The mid-week overnight is mostly placed on Tuesday but can be any other day that works best with the kids’ social and extracurricular schedules or even your work schedules.

  • 2-2-3 rotation

This schedule is suitable for young children. They reside with parent A for 2 days, then parent B for another 2 days and 3 days weekend with parent A again. The routine flip in the next week where they spend the long 3 days weekend with parent B. This schedule allows a parent to have alternating weekend with the kids.

  • 3-3-4-4 rotation

Here, the children spend 3 days with parent A, another 3 days with parent B, followed by 4 days with parent A and another four days with parent B.

The children are always with one parent on Sundays to Tuesdays and with the other parent from Wednesday to Fridays. Saturday is the only day that changes with each parent getting a weekend day.

  • 2-2-5-5 rotation

This schedule is almost similar to 3-3-4-4 schedule but the children spend 3 days with parent A, another 2 days with parent B, then five days with parent A followed by 5 days with parent B.

In this schedule, the kids spend Mondays and Sundays, with one parent and Wednesdays and Tuesdays with the other. The other days of the week fluctuate from week to week.

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