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Don’t Let a Workplace Injury Ruin Your life – Contact a Lawyer Today

When hard-working people have accidents that arise from their job duties, they often suffer in ways that last far beyond instant bodily injury. Depending on how severe the injury, workplace injuries could potentially lead to physical, psychological or functional diminishments for the rest of a person’s life and a significant loss of income.

If you are ever injured or become ill as a result of your workplace, proceed immediately to the closest First-Aid station and notify personnel trained to provide first aid. For a more serious injury, seek prompt medical attention at a nearby walk-in clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. Employers are legally required to provide injured workers with transportation to a treatment facility. Once required medical care is received, notify managers or designated personnel of the full details related to the recent work injury/injuries. Timely notice assists employers in taking prompt remedial measures to prevent recurrences and legal compliance with Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

What Injuries Qualify for WSIB?

Current provincial law does not expressly restrict any specific workplace illnesses or injuries that may arise from WSIB claim eligibility; however, you do have to meet some criteria in order to qualify.

  • You must be a legal employee of a WSIB-insured employer.
  • You must be ill or injured as direct result of performing tasks required for your workplace regular duties.
  • You must file a timely claim via the proper WSIB channels.
  • You must provide all pertinent data promptly for WSIB eligibility determination.
  • You must authorize the release of functional disability information to your employer, provided by your physician. This record contains specific types of tasks an injured worker may safely perform while recovering. Such details help employers assign work duties most appropriate for a worker’s present capability and physical condition.

If you qualify, or believe you could qualify, for compensation from the WSIB for a workplace injury then you should contact a legal representative who specializes in WSIB claims, such as the lawyers at Goodman Law Firm in Toronto, to help make your case as soon as physically possible. Excessive delay, sometimes even by a single day could permanently foreclose avenues to fair compensation for your case. For your best chance at receiving compensation, you’ll need proof of the incident, which may include employing private investigators, expert witnesses or other professionals who can help make your case. Moreover, savvy negotiation and strong persuasion by lawyers on behalf of their clients are vital to ensure that opposing parties give full consideration to all relevant facts. For more information on how a lawyer could benefit your case, visit

If you failed to get a lawyer the first time around and your claim was initially declined, WSIB claim denials must be appealed for higher administrative review. Appeal claims are complex and require detailed paperwork and high-volume supporting documentation in order to win your case. Your best bet at winning an appeal is through the use of a legal representative advocating in your favor. Learn more about various steps involved in WSIB appeals by logging onto

An Ontario WSIB legal representative familiar with every aspect of the entire bureaucratic process can be its best negotiator to a successful outcome.